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Yesterday, on the Freedom Square, musicians from the Youth Symphony Orchestra, “Vitruozy Slobozhanshchiny”, gathered to share their opinions regarding the dismissal of the orchestra’s director, Taras Kutsenko. Opinions were divided: some people, with signs in their hands, came out in support of Kutsenko; others, with musical instruments, were against the decision.

According to the musicians, Kutsenko replaced the repertoire from classical to modern. Some do not agree with this innovation.

Oleg Fedorkov, lecturer of Kharkiv National University of the Arts, says: “We created this orchestra on the basis of our department, on the basis of talent. We have always critically approached each program and were very demanding of quality. Now there are no serious programs, only shows and trash.”

Boris Sevastyanov, arranger of ISSA (International Social Security Association) “Slobozhanskiy”, told: “Taras led the orchestra of the conservatory 3 years ago because it was crowded, so the orchestra was often used for other purposes. He created a “pocket orchestra”.

Recall that the regional council did not renew the employment relationship with Taras Kutsenko, director of the orchestra, in the plenary session of ХХХVІІ.

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