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IT-company SpeedFlow leaves Kharkiv because of the war

Photo from speedflow.com

The company’s management has decided to move the SpeedFlow Kharkiv and Odessa offices abroad. Offices were transferred to Plovdiv (Bulgaria). It is planned to transfer 45 employees from the Kharkiv office. About 65 employees from the Odessa office, along with the families, have already moved to Bulgaria, reports technews.bg with reference to the statement of the company’s leader Vlad Ellis.

The company was considering several locations for the move, including Poland and Romania. The choice for Bulgaria was made because of the security, and the development of infrastructure. The main reason for the move was due to the military actions on the territory of Ukraine and the uncertainty associated with them. It is expected that before the end of the year, the number of Ukrainian employees who will move to a new place of work could reach 130 people.

In Bulgaria, the company will develop a new direction: outsourcing specialists and software for foreign companies.

Reference: SpeedFlow company develops solutions for IP-telephony operators, in the past year, its turnover was around 39 million dollars, the profit was 1.5 million. The company cooperates with 600 operators worldwide.

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