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Playback Theatre will provide performance in Kharkiv orphanage №1

“Plug yourself in life!” – so-called project launched by the NGO “line agreement” and Kharkiv Playback Theatre “Living Mirror” with the support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The event will be held in the framework of Ukrainian initiatives to increase confidence (UCBI).

In Kharkiv orphanage №1 today there are children with special needs and their parents who came to Kharkiv from ATO areas as well as parents of Kharkiv children in need of candid conversation, understanding and support.

Psychologist and project coordinator Olga Ladiya-Shcherbakova said: “The classical psychological counseling is not always effective. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new forms of social and psychological support. A Playback Theatre creates a safe space for open conversation of people who ran from the war, where they can share their experience and fears related to the conflict and the migration to a new location. Even we, who live in a different region, are affected by the events in the ATO regions.”

It is planned to conduct several the performances of Playback Theatre during 4 months in 6 cities of Kharkiv region: Kharkiv, Izyum, Chuguev, Lozovaya, Kup’yansk and Valky, as well as in Svyatogorsk (Donetsk region). The upcoming performance “Plug yourself in life!” will be the last in Kharkiv.

Recall that 11 performances were already held recently. The next one will be held in Slav’yansk. The upcoming performance at the House of the child – the last in Kharkiv.

FAQ: PlayBack Theatre – theater, where the audience is telling their stories, and the actors immediately spontaneously play them on stage. Kharkiv’s Playback Theatre project supported by ‪#‎USAID‬’s Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (‪#‎UCBI‬) is implemented by NGO “Line of Consent”.

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