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EBRD to support region’s small and medium businesses

On July 14, EBRD’s (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Director for Ukraine Sevki Acuner addressed small and medium businesses of the Kharkiv region during a business meeting supported by the Kharkiv regional state administration.

At the core of Mr. Acuner’s speech was the fact that EBRD regards the development of Kharkiv region as a priority, and will focus on supporting small and medium enterprises. The determination to do so is backed by the plans to open a Kkarkiv EBRD office in later 2015.

For the 165 businessmen and women present, the meeting was an opportunity to learn of the EBRD programs on offer, particularly the opportunity to draft in counseling support and to apply for grants to cover the respective expenses. The counseling sourced due to the grants will help enterprises develop in the desired direction, not least to gain access to the European market. Upon completion of counseling, EBRD pledges to continue cooperation with successful program ‘graduates’, potentially giving access to credits and even investing into a company’s statutory capital.

To be eligible for the programs and grants, the business must number no more than 250 staff, be active on the market for more than two years, and have good reputation. Companies working in finance, weapons, tobacco or alcohol cannot benefit from the cooperation.

Source: http://stroyobzor.ua/news/91527


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