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Kharkiv’s exports decrease

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In comparison with January-July 2015, exports of goods decreased by 21,4%, imports increased by 13,4%.

So, in January-July 2016 export was worth $564m and import was $786.4m USD, reports the Department of Statistics in the Kharkiv region.

Below you can learn about the foreign trade operations with partners from 131 countries of the world:

Exports of goods:


Imports of goods:


Turnover with EU countries increased. January-July 2016, the export of goods from our region to the EU was $123.9m – 11,6% more than in January-July 2015. Import revenues of $229.5m increased by 27,2%.

The main export goods are:

  • machines, equipment and machinery, electrical equipment (25,6%)
  • food products (21,7%)
    • herbal products (13,4%)
  • fats and oils of animal or vegetable origin (6,2%)
  • polymeric materials and plastics (4,4%)
  • production of chemical and related industries (3,6%)
  • and other.

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