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Kharkiv region decreased export


January-May 2016, the export of goods from Kharkiv region amounted to 395,000,000 USD – 21.5% less than in January-May 2015.

This was reported in the main Department of Statistics in the Kharkiv region. Import revenues amounted to 551,500,000 USD and increased by 16.1%. Foreign trade operations were carried out with partners from 125 countries.

According to the statistical department, the most exported products in Russia (27.7%), Egypt (7.3%), Japan (6.5%), Moldova (3.7%), Belarus (3.6%), China and Spain (by 3.2%), Kazakhstan (2.8%). The biggest imports came from Russia (18.5%), China (17.4%), Germany (5.2%), Belarus (5.1%), the USA (4.8%).

The volume of exports of goods to the EU countries in January-May 2016 increased by 9.4% and amounted to 89,900,000 USD, imports – by 27.5% or 152,000,000 USD.

The basis of the export commodity structure composes machinery, equipment and mechanisms: electrical equipment – 24.2%, food products – 22.3%, herbal products – 14.5%, fats and animal or vegetable oil – 6%.

In total volume of import of the Kharkiv region the largest share accounted for machinery, equipment and mechanisms: electrical equipment – 17.3%, polymeric materials and plastics – 15.3%, food products – 13.3%, production of chemical and related industries – 11%.

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