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Wide-awake Kharkiv-made watch raises funds


Project NOZzER WATCH from Kharkiv is a watch that keeps waking (anti-sleep watch) and came on Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, as RBC reports (RU).

For three days the Ukrainian project has collected 13,356 USD of the required 10,000 USD.

Development of the project began in 2014 on the basis of a small company, which had previously engaged in the development and production of controllers for industrial equipment.

The idea of creating the device belongs to Kharkiven Ivan Rybachenko. The impetus for the practical implementation, as noted in the presentation, was the fact that two of his friends got into a heavy car accident, the cause of which was that the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

NOZzER’s principle of operation is based on the transmission of electrical impulses to the brain that allows neuron activity to stay at appropriate levels.

977d6fc60db50811cc4387400cd546cbAs noted in the presentation, such devices, previously invented, allows a person to fall asleep, and then wake him up. This device prevents the wearer from falling asleep.

“At the moment of the device functioning neural activity remains at a constant level, so that a person can’t fall asleep,” said a statement.

The startup has conducted a test of the device, having tried it on 30 people in a special program in the laboratory of psychophysiology of the Karazin Kharkiv National University. It has been found that when using the device drowsiness reduced by 70%.

The prototype uses a battery with 160mAh. After optimization , the device can operate without recharging for up to three months, and about 18-30 hours in the active phase.

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