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Regional tourism ‘alliance’ called for

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The Kharkiv region needs an integrated tourism industry, KRSA deputy chairman Michail Chernyak has asserted.

His comments came at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism in which the region’s tourism industry prospects were discussed, the KRSA press service reported (UA).

“The region needs to adopt an integrated approach for the development of tourism. It is necessary to work with various directions separately: sport, “green” tourism, historical sites,” noted Chernyak.


Participants also discussed the implementation of culture and tourism development programs from 2014-2018.

According to Oleg Yatsin, the program had envisaged an allocation of 335,000 UAH over five years, but recent events had affected its implementation, with government financial resources being re-directed to protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Deputy chairman of the regional council Viktor Kovalenko noted the authorities should not underestimate the capabilities of the tourism industry.

“In many countries, up to 20% of GDP profit comes from tourism. I agree we need to create an alliance with the Department of Culture and Tourism to deal with the specific conceptual developments in this area. We also need a clear strategy for tourism development in the region,” added Kovalenko.

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