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ATO fighters teach how to deal with effects of war

Photo by Helen Zvinchuk

On May 13-14, Kharkiv will host a training of post-traumatic growth “Soldier’s heart” for demobilized ATO fighters, soldiers, volunteers and any civilians affected by the war, civil forum reported (RU).

Training will be held on the concept “peer-to-peer”.

“It means that a veteran who has passed the training explains to a veteran, based on his own experience, how to return from the war into civilian life, how to cope the impact of war on the human psyche,” explains co-organizer Natalya Chernuha.

Participants will learn how to provide psychological help to themselves and others, using special physical exercises to overcome anxiety and stress. They will also learn how to enhance their own psychological resistance.

The training was created by a Danish therapist Ditte Marcher, and it has been successfully carried out for a long time in Denmark. In Ukraine, this method works a year only, but during this time doctors were able to identify the most motivated participants and after these people have become the new co-coaches.

The training organizers are Psychological Crisis Service in Kharkiv and the project “Wounded Warrior Ukraine”.

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