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Ten mini-thermal power stations for Kharkiv


Ten cities in the Kharkiv region will get thermal power stations operating on biomass.

This was announced by Director of the Department of Housing and Communal Services and Infrastructure of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) Sergey Magdisyuk, informs StroyObzor (RU).

According to him, the construction will be carried out in cities there are central heating systems.

“Two pilot projects are already being implemented – the land is allocated. A feasibility study has been done,” said the director.

This refers to the regional centers Volchansk and Kupyansk where already the site for the construction of mini-thermal power stations have been chosen.

“Timing of construction of one object – a half year, pay-off period – 4 years. The sum of needed investments for one bio-thermal power station is about €19 million. According to our calculations, it may give Kupyansk city gas savings up to 10 million cubic meters a year and will provide the population with much cheaper heating, stable electricity supply, create new workplaces and increase local budget revenues.

“Also it will burn the waste of agricultural production, which will improve the ecological situation in the region,” added the operational director of “Kotloturboatom” Dmitry Anokhin.

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