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“FED” to help Iran with plane manufacturing

Photo from airheadsfly.com

PJSC “FED” (Kharkiv) plans to participate in the Iranian program of construction of An-140 aircrafts, the chairman of the FED’s board  Victor Popov announced, Status Quo reports (RU).

“Iran’s program for the production of AN-140 was stopped, but, I hope, it recovers now. We have a lot of work in the framework of this program. The Arab world is actively engaged in the production of its own aerotechnics,” Popov said.

According to him, it is Saudi Arabia where it is planned to establish serial production of AN-132. FED also sees the United Arab Emirates as a partner.

The main focus of work with the Arab countries is to maintain an airworthiness. Now the region is experiencing a great demand in aerotechnics, Popov added.

BACKGROUND: AN-140 is a Ukrainian  turboprop regional airliner, designed by ASTC Antonov. Its serial production is established at the Kharkiv aircraft factory, as well as in Russia and Iran. The aircraft is designed for passenger and cargo traffic at a distance up to 3,700 km. 34 aircrafts were released as of March 17, 2016.

Since 2001, the Iranian aircraft factory has being produced aircraft IrAn-140. Fourteen aircrafts were made but only six of them have risen into the air. The last one was produced in 2011, in 2015  Iran stopped its production.

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