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Kharkivens feel benefit of cashback service PayBack


Three Ukrainians Alexander Kosarev, Ksenia Reznichenko and Maxim Lavrik launched cashback service PayBack, which promises online shopping customers to return a part of the money, spent on the purchase, on their card, e-wallet or mobile bill. Return can reach up to 10%, reported AIN (RU).

The service has connected 67 stores, including AliExpress, modnaKasta, “Eldorado” and other stores of appliances, electronics, clothing and footwear, as well as products for life and beauty.

From the usual discounts and loyalty programs, it differs in the fact that consumers receive real money that can be spent at their discretion instead of points or bonuses related to a particular store.

To buy with cashback, you need to register on the site Payback, go to the page of store using link from the catalog and make a purchase. The client will receive a repayment – % of the amount spent. Discounts and promotional shop prices are taken into account. Cashback can be withdrawn in any convenient manner.

hY5FPq2vFd-1“The percentage of repayment from purchase in each store is different, so the amount of cashback is also different. On average, it is 5%. There are shops that compensate the customer 9%,” said Kseniya Reznichenko.

The investments in the project were not attracted. Today the site enjoys 600 active users. According to the founders, the number is growing by 100 people a week.

PayBack positioned as the first such service in Ukraine. “Our service appeared in February 2016. Before that there were a number of services, but they are not functioning at the time of our launch,” said Kseniya Reznichenko.

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