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Kharkiven invented multifunctional edible polyethylene


Scientist Sergey Timchuk, from Kharkiv, has solved the problem of utilizing packaging materials, having created an edible polyethylene film.

The product can prolong the storage of food and will not harm the environment, reports UNIAN (EN) with reference to the Eco Town (UKR).

The scientist has devoted 15 years to the development. The material for him was the corn starch on the basis of his own corn.

The inventor said that with the help of such a film, it is possible to increase the date of expiry of bread from several days to 1 month.

“If the bread wrap is in our polyethylene, it will be fresh up to 4 weeks. It can even be eaten without removing the film,” said Timchuk.

If polyethylene by Kharkiv inventor put into boiling water, it “melts” in 15-20 minutes and will be the basis for making soup. But even if you discard the polyethylene, after a few weeks it will decompose.

It is too early to talk of mass production of this innovation as it is cheaper to produce common polyethylene, which does not decompose for centuries. However, Timchuk is sure his invention is the thing of the future.

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