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Kharkiv deals with smokers and drinkers

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The number of non-communicable diseases in the Kharkiv region increases rapidly, having a negative impact on the demographic situation in the region, deputy director of the Department of Health of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) Gennady Bondarchuk stated at the Forum “Healthy Nation Future of Ukraine” which took place in Kharkiv National Medical University on March 22, the press service (UA) of the university reports.

“The demographic situation in the region indicates a negative population growth. The number of births, unfortunately, is much lower than death number,” he stressed.

According to him, today the average life expectancy in the Kharkiv region for men is 66 years, for women this number is 76 years.

Among the detected diseases the first place took heart diseases – about 70% of the total, the second place is occupied by cancers – about 15%.

According Gennady, the growth of non-communicable diseases can be called an epidemic. The main factors of its distribution are: smoking, alcohol abuse, unhealthy eating habits, low physical activity.

According to the Forum solution – to combat non-communicable diseases in the region it is necessary to implement a set of measures. They are mainly aimed at preventing the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. This work will involve health care workers, teachers, law enforcement officers, voluntary organizations and media as well.

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