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Smart towns appear in the region

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The Kharkiv region starts an innovative project “Smart towns and e-government”, according to the press service of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

According to her, at the end of March Merefa and Chuguyiv towns of the Kharkiv region will launch the EU and UN joint project “Local Development of Communities”. The third stage of the project is “Smart towns and e-government, vice-governor of the Kharkiv region Yulia Svetlichnaya reported.

The project will operate in the following directions:

  • provision of services on the basis of e-government: municipal projects to facilitate the provision of public and municipal services for all interested parties;
  • transparency and accountability in local government institutions to improve their functionality

“The regional state administration expends cooperation with international donor organizations and attracts international technical assistance to our region. Thanks to the joint project more than 70 micro-projects in various territorial communities has been implemented in the Kharkiv region,” Svetlichnaya said.

The new stage of this project will enhance the competitiveness of the Kharkiv region and serve as a reliable basis for the further development of innovations in the provision of administrative services and development of e-government.

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