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Westinghouse announces strategically important partnership with Turboatom


Westinghouse Electric Company (USA) has signed an important Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with company PJSC Turboatom (Kharkiv), one of the world’s leading companies in designing and manufacturing of turbines for nuclear, thermal and hydro power plants, to coordinate and cooperate on increasing the capacity of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, reported the site of “Turboatom”.


As specified in the company, the two sides agreed to cooperate on the issue of increasing the capacity of existing generator units of Ukrainian nuclear power plants (NPP). For optimal effect it is necessary to perform the modernization of turbines and generators. It was announced that Westinghouse Electric Company in cooperation with PJSC Turboatom will assist SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” in implementation of this project.

“This strategic cooperation with Turboatom is an excellent example of how Westinghouse is committed to providing its customer, Energoatom, with innovative technical solutions to further improve plant efficiency and safety,” said Aziz Dag, Westinghouse vice president and managing director. “We also look forward to working with other local Ukrainian suppliers to support Energoatom’s capacity upgrade project.”

General Director of “Turboatom” Victor Subbotin noted that “Turboatom” confirms its readiness to carry out the modernization of turbines in the framework of the memorandum.

The project will bring cooperation between Westinghouse Electric Company and “Turboatom” to a new level.

The parties intend to continue to discuss the possibilities of cooperation on other projects.

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