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Only 26 officials were lustrated in the Kharkiv region


As stated the experts of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine and Anti-Corruption Center, the law “On the cleanup of power” fell short of the public.

The law “On the cleanup of power” is valid from October 2014. During this time in Ukraine after the lustration fired nearly 900 officials, 26 of them – in Kharkiv region. Another 16 thousand representatives of the authorities in Kharkiv – are just passing test.

In total 897 people were lustrated in the country. Another 152 thousand officials are under lustration test. And about 55 thousand officials are in the list for test.


“It is obvious that only 897 of lustrated people – is not the number which expected the public. In the Kharkiv region, since the entry into force of the law only 26 people were lustrated till today,” said Mikhail Kamchatny, head of the regional branch of the Ukrainian Committee of Voters.

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine reminds that in studies conducted in summer of 2015, 90% of citizens consider it necessary to conduct the lustration of the old officials.

“Voluntarily through lustration process passed only one official in the Kharkiv region,” noticed in the speech the head of the NGO “Kharkiv public lustration Chamber” Fedor Venislavsky.

The only official who passed a voluntary lustration is a former head of the regional Department of Justice Yuri Georgevskiy. But he could not continue to work in his post for several reasons.

In addition, the speakers pointed out that there are some problems in the legislation on lustration that allow to block the process of inspection and removal from government people that fall within the scope of the law, or to challenge decisions.

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