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Ukraine is world’s second in EBRD loans

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The EBRD will continue investing in Ukraine, as the country carries out reforms.

In 2015 Ukraine received loans totaling €1.1 billion, informed the President of the European Bank Suma Chakrabarti, reports RIA Novosti.

As a result, Ukraine was ranked second in the list of the recipients of funding from the EBRD. Turkey became the leader of the list, receiving €1.9 billion.

2015 was the first full year in which the Bank has not invested in new projects in Russia. In July 2014 the majority of the EBRD Board of Directors instructed the management of the bank about the impossibility of new investments for Russia in the near future.

BACKGROUND. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was established in 1991. EBRD shareholders are within 64 countries, and includes the European Union and the European Investment Bank. The Bank operates in more than 30 countries – from Central and Eastern Europe to Central Asia, as well as in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean.

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