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New hitchhiking sports club in the city

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Travelling without money to Kharkiv is not new – however, there are now teams of adventurers in the city who race each other across the country.

Members of the local club, “VIA”, make two days trips of 250-500km – spending nights in tents and trying to pick up rides from passing vehicles in order to reach the finish line first.

Kharkivens saw the idea first from residents of St Petersburg who have been taking part in such international competitions for a long time.

Victoria Gritsaenko, the organiser of the Kharkiv club, told us that among the participants are employees of factories, students, engineers, and even a trucker who decided to take part after he had driven a few of the sport club members before.

Victoria is a lawyer, she has travelled via hitchhiking in almost 100 countries over the past 20 years. According to her, anyone can join this team of travellers for free. The only expenditure is food and maps.

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