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Kharkiv event tells why cryptocurrency and decentralised applications will change the world


A lecture on cryptocurrency and decentralised applications will be held on March 16 at Fabrika Space (RU). The subject will be “Cryptocurrency and decentralised applications. Why will they change the world?”


Event speaker Pavel Kravchenko, a specialist on cryptocurrency and decentralised technology, will be hosting the event. He also has a PhD in information security, is the pro-rector of KNURE, and is the founder of the company Distributed Lab. He has organised a regular series of conferences BIP001 and in Blockchain Conference Kyiv (RU).

About Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, using cryptography to secure transactions and to control the creation of new units. Cryptocurrencies are a version of alternative currency, specifically a digital format.
A key feature of cryptocurrency is the absence of any internal or external administrators. Therefore, banks, tax, judicial and other public authorities can’t influence the transaction of any members of the payment system.

About Decentralised Applications: A decentralized application (DA) resembles a smart contract, but has two important differences.
Firstly, DA has an unlimited amount of users; secondly, DA should not be used for finance. Because of these requirements, decentralised applications are relatively easy to write. (the first DA appeared before global systems of digital consensus). For example, BitTorrent qualifies as a decentralised application, alongside Popcorn Time, BitMessage, TOR, and Maidsafe.

Price: 60 UAH in advance. 80 UAH on the day of the event.

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