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Workcelerator founder gathers a collection of Ukrainian startups for Product Hunt


Ukrainian businessman Igor Stefurak decided to gather on Product Hunt all Ukrainian startups. Today his collection includes 85 projects, the list is constantly growing.

According to Igor, his idea will help Ukrainian founders to find colleagues from similar spheres of work and enhance networking. “This is a tool for community development: entrepreneurs find who of the compatriots are in their category and come for advice,” he explained.

Stefurak has his own project – a service for finding jobs and internships in Workcelerator startups which he launched in October last year. He also works in GrowthUp and actively communicates with startups.


“I consider myself an active user of Product Hunt because I visit it every day in search of start-up rivals that come to us on acceleration program, services for their own use.

Two years ago, I received an invite to the Product Hunt (ability to add projects and comments), and several founders asked to publish information about their beta release. A year ago, there appeared an opportunity to create a collection, so I gathered in one place startups with Ukrainian founders,” Igor said.

The collection contains all the startups that have Ukrainian co-founders and who have already entered the Product Hunt. There is no other selection criterion. To add the project to the list can only its founder. For today in the list of the projects there are already such “giants” of Ukrainian IT-industry as Petcube, MacPaw, Readdle, Coppertino and others.

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