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Residents have written more than 500 petitions

Photo from newsroom.kh.ua

Since December 1, Khakivens have written 507 e-petitions to the mayor Gennady Kernes and the city council, the press service of Kharkiv regional administration reported.

According to the vice-mayor Tatyana Chechetova-Terashvili, a lot of initiatives relates to improvement of the city. For example, recently Kharkivens cared how to replace “Lenin’s shoes” at the Freedom Square.

“We got a lot of proposals to improve the transport infrastructure, for example, to install boards in the subway, introduce a single ticket over which the city government is already working,” the official said.

In addition, there was a lot of petitions concerning the negligent owners of domestic animals who don’t clean up after them on the streets, the implementation of the law on smoking in public places, the renaming of districts and streets. Also, people asked to bring to the zoo some exotic animals, such as a lemur, for example.

As the deputy mayor stated, the petition, which gains 5000 votes, will be immediately submitted to the mayor. Within 10 working days the applicant receives a response with the mayor’s signature. This answer is posted on the petition page on the City Council website, and any user can read it.

Those petitions that have not gained enough votes are considered to be complaints of citizens.

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