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First cyber policeman appears in Kharkiv

Photo from www.vitalmagazine.co.uk

The first capital of Ukraine was pleased with the news that a real cyber policeman will serve at the local law enforcement agencies, as the press service of the Justice Ministry of Ukraine reported.

Of course, we are not talking about robots, but an ordinary person who has unusual knowledge of cyber security.

So far, the only holder of the systems security secrets became the head of the laboratory of technical, phonoscopic, analytical, and theoretical researches of the Kharkiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, Vitali Balashov.

He has completed a course on cyber security, which lasted from February 29-March 4, which was  was held with the OSCE support in the framework of the project “Development of the new police” aimed to provide methodological assistance to the MIA.

It was noted the next stage of cooperation with the OSCE is training on “cybersecurity” and “digital forensics” for future special police agents.

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