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City primed for a clean up

Photo from izvestia.kharkov.ua

Ten new garbage trucks are to be used to aid a new cleaner Kharkiv as part of a 5.54 million UAH deal.

Public enterprise “Blagoustroystvo” winning the tender has entered into an agreement with LLC Commercial manufacturing enterprise “Alfateks” on the purchase of garbage trucks worth of 5.54 million UAH. This was reported in the Bulletin of public procurements, informs “Nashі groshі”.

The company must supply during 2016 7 garbage trucks.

363_bigThe city government plans to purchase 10 garbage trucks for the export of outsize waste products. It also plans to buy new snow clearance and construction equipment, according to the press service of the City Council.

20 million UAH from this sum will be spent for 10 container chassis for oversized garbage, 15.3 million UAH for a new snow removal equipment and 3.9 million UAH for building equipment.

Over the past year the Kharkiv public utilities purchased equipment worth 6.35 million UAH.

In addition, the city budget has allocated 95.3 million UAH for the housing progam in 2016.

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