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The “Battle of Corporations”: round six

Photos from volgar-tlt.ru and vk.com/corpbitva

The sixth phase of the “Battle of Corporations” in which teams vie against each other in various sports ended on February 28.

The corporate sports tournament of Kharkiv the “Battle of Corporations” took place in KING fitness center in Saltovka. The organizers of the event announced this on the official page Vkontakte.

16 teams played table tennis, with participants divided into 4 groups in three categories: men, women and doubles. Each match was played to 11 points and two wins.

Results of categories:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.22.32 PM

As a result, the winning team was “KING”, ahead of “Vodokanal” by one point. Third was “Center Dr. Bubnovskogo”.

The next step will be the all-around desktop: chess, checkers and sports Debertz (card game). The final standings are here (in Russian only).


iIwa-zEoVJYMNQPCwdxfDA lr9efWOGaKECompetitions are held over ten months,  September 2015-June 2016. Five stages have been completed: mini-golf, mini-football, volleyball, badminton and bowling.

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