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Kharkiv among leaders of ‘decommunisation’

Photo from www.memory.gov.ua

Our region is one of the leaders in renaming locations as part of the ‘decommunization’ law in Ukraine.

Regulations, which came into effect last May, ban any street, town or product from having names that refer to or glorify communism.

Kharkiv is taking an active role in the renaming of inhabited localities, deputy chairman of the Kharkiv regional administration Mikhail Chernyak stated during a session of the working group on the implementation of the law on decommunisation.

In the Kharkiv region alone, it will be necessary to rename two urban villages, 25 towns and 70 villages. Dnipropetrovsk has 13 towns and 71 villages to rename, while the Donetsk region needs to come up with other names for 99 localities.

In total, Ukraine will have to find new names for 877 localities: 28 towns, 48 ​​urban areas, and 801 villages. The only that avoided renamings became the Ivano-Frankivsk region, having no names glorified communism.

Information center Info-Light has created an interactive map of Ukraine showing all the localities that have to be renamed under the new law.

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