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Students get a master class from Boeing’s constructors

Photo from kolesnikovfund.org

February 25 was the fourth stage of the project “Aviator-2016” – held by the Charitable Fund of Borys Kolesnikov in Kharkiv National Aerospace University N.Y. Zhukovsky “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”.

Within the competition, deputy chief engineer of the design center “Boeing” Alexander Borodkin held a master class for students of “KhAI”.

According to the official website of the Fund, the meeting was organized in cooperation with “Progresstech-Ukraine”, which is a partner of Boeing in Ukraine.

Representatives shared with the participants of “Aviator” invaluable experience that will serve them in the future.

“We have discussed the production of civil aircraft technology, we talked about the organization of processes and technological support of new aircrafts. Students are curious, motivated and absorb knowledge and skills. In such guys we are interested!” said a member of the jury, Head of the Department of Academic Affairs and staff training in “Progresstech-Ukraine” Maxim Gladskiy.


Sofia Mudryk, director of the Boris Kolesnikov Foundation said: “The leaders of the aviation industry and industry experts are now looking for young and promising personnel, so we regularly give workshops and lectures to students.”

In addition to master classes, 440 contestants from nine specialized Ukrainian universities tested their knowledge on the history of aviation. According to the rules of competition, within an hour, they responded in writing to 35 questions from the expert council.


According to the results of testing on the history of aviation, about 300 students will be admitted to the next stage of the project.

They will have to solve a business case and provide a motivational presentation to the jury. In July 2016, 100 winners of the “Aviator-2016” will visit Farnborough International Aviation Forum in London.

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