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8 best hookah bars in Kharkiv

The bar received a rating of 7.6 out of 10 based on 214 votes

The Kharkiv Times decided to find out where Kharkivens smoke hookah and which bars are considered the best. We offer you people’s rankings of the 8 best hookah bars based on foursquare and ranked by more than 100 people.


Bardym ranks top with 7.8 points out of 10

It is the best in Kharkivens’ opinion as the emphasis is on nothing, but hookah quality. Visitors are given best brands only, such as Amy and Khalil Mamoon. You can enjoy alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails, oriental sweets and other desserts in addition. Tables can be booked online.

It is open to all hookah-lovers and gladly share the art of a well-done hookah. Anyone can visit the kitchen where he is told why and what’s needed for a nice hookah. The bar opens 12.00 till late.

  • Cuisine: European and American
  • Prices for hookah: from 130 to 200 UAH (from 12 to 18.30 the price starts from 80 UAH)
  • Location: Darvina Street 1, tel: 066 313 40 00
  • Payment: Cash and credit cards Visa / MasterCard / American Express


Eugene Kislyy: “A neat clean nice place, you can chat pleasantly about this and that with the organizers and staff. It is possible to sit on the window sill, and what’s most important, they serve a delicious hookah :)”

Olga Cheverda: “Nice atmosphere, but too much light as for a standard hookah bar. I was pleasantly surprised the girl brought directly to the table various types of tobacco, gave us a sniff and choose ourselves.”

Pacha Mama

Paсha Mama rated 7.7 based on 1310 votes

There is a nice atmosphere in this bar, five different halls (concert, hookah, 2 rooms for companies, bar), each of which has its own atmosphere. Concerts on a big screen plus live music. Every day it provides a variety of actions, performances and events. Free WI-FI. Very good ventilation. Hookahs are divided into three categories: light, medium and heavy, each category has a few options of taste.

  • Cuisine: European, Peruvian, Italian, and Japanese
  • Prices for hookah: from 125 to 250 UAH
  • Location: Yaroslava Mudrogo Street, 38, tel: 066 689 99 22
  • Payment: Cash, Visa and Mastercard


Kseniya Sverdlik : “At 3 am they cooked a wonderful salad with liver. Hookah by Arseny was just amazing. Waitress in leather pants. Wow, wow!!!♥”

Yevgeniy Dyachenko: “There are many different spaces. Everyone will find a table for his own pleasures, and sofa or couch.”



The bar received a rating of 7.6 out of 10 based on 214 votes
The bar received a rating of 7.6 out of 10 based on 214 votes

Mundstuck is a place with a cozy atmosphere and fragrant hookahs. This place is a classic loft with whitewashed brick walls, with interesting hookahs, cocktails, good food, and unusual tea.

Here you can come just smoke a hookah and gather in a large company. There are also table games and books. On Fridays and Saturdays the bar organizes the game Mafia. On certain days, this game is held in English. The bar is open to visitors until 5 am.

  • Cuisine: European, American, Ukrainian
  • Prices for hookah: from 90 to 150 hryvnia
  • Location: Pletnivs’kyi Lane, 2, (093) 718 79 53 / (067) 19 666 50.
  • Payment: No credit cards


Alena Ivanjushina: “I advise everyone to visit this cafe with a very nice interior in loft fashionable style)) Good food, great cocktails and excellent hookah. Price is pretty affordable!”

Dmitry Robotyagov: “Prices are democratic, hookah is not bad. The only thing I would like to point out is a lack of adequate ventilation. There is perpetual fog and nothing to breathe in.”

Smoke That Hookah

Smoke That Hookah received 7.3 out of 10 based on 100 votes

Smoke That Hookah has reasonable prices, a wide range of tobacco, hookahs and delicious lemonade. This bar does not sell alcohol, however doesn’t forbid alcoholic consumption. You can bring your favorite alcoholic drink (the price of such services 40 UAH).

In addition to a hookah, you can order a variety of cocktails, fresh juices, smoothies and shakes. But if you want to find a free place in the evening, you probably would not succeed. Better to book a table in advance. There is a possibility to choose a table with a nice view on the avenue, and, of course, use free wifi. Opened from 12 till 06.00

  • Prices for hookah: from 100 to 170 UAH
  • Location: Nauky Avenue, 7, (063) 511 77-11
  • Payment: Cash only


Yaroslava Borisenko: “Good variety of hookahs and tobacco. The only minus is space. I would like to enjoy better ventilation. But it is worth to visit!”

Romashka Custistaya: “Cool place near the window, you can smoke hookah, observe city life and passing strangers. Tasty lemonade, the Arabic hookah is good. The American one gave me a headache.”

Secret Place

This bar ranked 6.9 out of 10 by 393 visitors

This place is a bar of a closed type. Its main visitors are members of the club. In order to enter this closed brotherhood, you need to get a club card which gives a right to freely visit in the company of three guests.

To become a member, you must come to the hookah bar, and calling the intercom, call the password “Secret”. After paying the membership fee, filling out a questionnaire, you can enjoy:

270sqm space, 140 tastes from 5 tobacco labels, elite teas. The bar does not serve alcohol and food, allowing visitors to focus their attention on the hookah. Free wifi. It takes guests from 11am till late.

  • Prices for hookah: from 150 UAH
  • Location: Pushkіnska 11/13 (vul. Vorobyova), 098 347 3332
  • Payment: Cash, credit cards


Andrey Demidenko : “Very tasty hookah. The only place in Kharkiv which serves American Tobacco. Definitely recommended if you are in need of a relax, hookah, and tea.”

Eugene Kislyy: “Hookah is smoked long and tasty, tea is drunk long and tasty, but no food – so very nice to be here especially if you are fed.”

44 Favorite Place

Hookah Rating is 7.1 out of 10 based on 1111 votes

44 Favorite Place includes several halls: “Wine Club”, which presents wines from all over the world and organizes permanent tastings; open sushi bar; large bar; horizontal tandoor, located right in the hall, where traditional Uzbek flat bread, mold mantle and khinkali are cooked here before your eyes. In addition, two lounges, a children’s playroom with a baby-sitter and free wifi are available.

  • Cuisine: Japanese and Oriental
  • Prices for hookah: from 140 to 300 UAH
  • Location: Pushkinska Street 44, (057) 706 30
  • Payment: Cash and credit cards


Olya Desiatko: “Perfect place! Nice atmosphere, reasonable prices and fast service. Portions are not very large, but tasty. Hookah is cool! I enjoyed the time here.”

Catherine Osenny: “One of the most visited places in Kharkiv, especially among the young. Delicious cuisine, but long-awaited serving. Add a little care for the guests, the place will be a summer holiday battleground.”


Kharkivens estimated 6.9 points out of 10 based on 123 votes

TV/big screen, sports broadcast, a hookah, wifi, children’s events and animation. Modern European/Asian restaurant and hookah. Nissa is a cozy place in the city center. They work with quality tobacco that doesn’t contain nicotine and is less harmful to your health. In addition to traditional soups, steaks and pizza, some oriental notes are included in the menu: plov, manti, dograma and other dishes.

  • Cuisine: European, Eastern, Chef
  • Prices for hookah: from 122 to 288, as well as a shisha millionaire – 888 UAH
  • Location: Otakara Yarosha Street, 7, (057) 706 30
  • Payment: Cash and credit cards


Julia Solenko: “We visited this beautiful place and were very pleased with the staff. Hookah was super. I advise everyone to visit and taste the US tobacco, a sandwich and Caesar salad.”

Sergey Peshin: “I visited this bar many times. The staff is very positive, and, importantly, quick. I liked the sandwiches))) I would like summer terrace to sit. I cannot wait for summer!”

Cherry Hall

Cherry Hall got 6.7 points out of 10 based on 221 votes

The main Cherry Hall feature is its interior, not like a night club or party bar. Rather, it resembles a large spacious living room. Subdued warm light, soft sofas and tidy low tables, cushions and lamps, as well as many other small, but nice details. Every Friday and Saturday the best DJs, Kharkiv musicians, and stars of the electronic scene entertain guests. Visitors are offered hookahs and drink in a wide range. Free wifi. The bar is open from 10am till late.

  • Cuisine: European, Japanese
  • Prices for hookah: 119-235 UAH
  • Location: RRC “Misto” (Klochkivska Street, 190-A), (098) 803-34-14
  • Payment: Cash and credit cards


Alina Zaika: “The interior I liked very much and the sound quality is good. Prices do not bite.”

Alina Klimberg: “Nice interior, pretty good music and the overall impression is good.”

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