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Career “tests” for young Kharkivens

Photo from osukraine.com

A free test to provide career guidance is available for young Kharkivens.

The Socio-Psychological Service of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics told high school students and their parents about the possibility of an international career-oriented free test by “Magellano University,” according to the press service of KNURE.

Magellano University is a set of career guidance tests designed to help high school students choose a university.

d34fee56_big-477x270Consisting of five subtests that examine professional interests, the technique was developed by GIUNTI O.S. and Italian specialists from Padua. It reveals teen interests and abilities, while helping to identify their potential professional career path. A certified consultant will help advise on career guidance.

Test participants must be aged 14 to 25 years. The test is posted on the portal “My Career” and questions for the test are available in Ukrainian and Russian.

According to organizers, students taking training courses in university have the option to receive the free vocational guidance consultation.

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