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Kharkivens will learn how to resist manipulation

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Tuesday, February 23, a training “Secrets of manipulation” will be held in Kharkiv. Participants of the event are invited to discuss the influence of psychology and manipulation techniques.

“We will teach Kharkivens how to be persuasive, to recognize and resist manipulation, influence people; students will learn the secret of the first impression and learn to say “no” and respond to the threat,” promise the organizers.

Each participant of master class will receive:
• 50 practical tips and chips;
• 120 minutes of practical material;
• 150 potential customers and partners.

The training program includes a number of issues, including:
• how to be convincing;
• how to recognize manipulation;
• how to influence people;
• how to resist manipulation;
• how to say “no”;
• secret first impression;
• the right response to the threats.

Where: Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv (Prospect Pravdy 2)
When: February 23
Time: 18:30 – 20:30
Price: 250-1500 UAH

You can register here.

Reference. The organizer of the event – Training-center “Leader” (in Russian), which specializes in conducting business trainings, corporate trainings, seminars, personal development trainings. Business coach – Sergey Efremov, author of numerous articles and books on the themes: the increase in sales, commercial negotiations, public speaking, etc.

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