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Another step to PayPal in Ukraine: the NBU allowed to receive e-cash from abroad

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The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) introduced changes to the provision on e-money. The document outlined Ukrainian citizens to receive e-cash from abroad.

For electronic receipt of money the selected online payment system needs to provide for an opportunity to withdraw these means. Also as the NBU reported the client-individual of a Ukrainian bank can get an e-transaction both in a non-cash and cash form.

The e-means may be credited to the customer’s account of a Ukrainian bank opened both in foreign and the national currency (after conversion), as the press service of the regulator stated on its Facebook page.

The initiator of the idea to bring PayPal to Ukraine Ilya Konigstein believes that this is an important step in the negotiations with the company. Many business owners would like to be able not only to pay goods and services abroad, but also receive means for their PayPal accounts. However, in our country, the system does not work yet.

Flag_of_Ukraine“As a result, PayPal has a very little argument to continue ignoring Ukraine. We look forward to seeing them in March. The meeting will allow to clarify many questions and terms of PayPal launch in our country,” said Konigstein.

Recalling that the resolution the receipt of e-money from non-resident companies were listed one of the points of the plan of the NBU, according to which Ukrainian users will be able to use the full range of services of international online payment systems (including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and others).

Earlier, the ministry stated that such a possibility for Ukrainian users may appear in the first quarter of this year.

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