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Child genius established a new record of Ukraine


Kharkiv wunderkind Lev Bondarenko set a new record of Ukraine. The boy reproduced from memory 310 scientific names of living beings. This was reported by the head of the National Registry of Records Lana Vetrova.

His skills Lev showed with the help of slides with photos of animals mostly the representatives of underwater world. His mother assisted the son – she displayed pictures on the computer screen.

Lev – recalled the scientific name of shown living being on the screen. The record in the category “The largest number of reproduced scientific names of living beings by child” – was recorded by the representative of Ukrainian national registry.

According to Lana Vetrova, this is the third record of Kharkiv wunderkind for which he received not only a certificate but also a live owl – a symbol of wisdom.

Recall that a six-year-old Kharkiven named 207 capitals without any help.

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