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Activists managed to hand over an appeal to Igor Rainin


Dozens of Kharkiv citizens have signed a collective appeal to the governor of the Kharkiv region Igor Rainin about Russian trucks.

According to media reports, the cargo transport of the Russian Federation which is sanctioned by the Republic of Poland moves across the border with the Kharkiv region through Ukraine to Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

9cad4fd1101cb7712bdcb651926d4f64“We are outraged by government inaction and other public institutions and can’t be out of this lawlessness and let pass Russian trucks, therefore we have to hold a peaceful protest,” said in the appeal.

The representatives of several non-governmental organizations came to Kharkiv regional state administration (KRSA) with the aim to see the governor Igor Rainin and personally give him an appeal but shielded soldiers of the National Guard blocked the activists coming to the governor.

According to IT Sector Kharkiv (in Ukrainian only), between the activists and representatives of KRSA was a quarrel: activists are outraged that they were not let passed to the governor.

3620800364907bded7d7793b6515df1dLater, the activists delivered an appeal to Rainin though not by hand, and left the hall of KRSA. They are going to drive at Goptovka and there start blocking the movement of Russian trucks.


At the moment in the ten regions of Ukraine are blocking trucks of the Russian Federation. Recently Russia ceased the movement of Ukrainian trucks on its territory in retaliation, informed Kharkiv crises infocenter (website in Russian only).

Note that Cabinet of Ministers authorized to find a solution for the situation with the Russian heavy transporters till Monday, February 15.

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