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The Derzhprom want to add to the list of monuments of national importance


In Kharkiv decided to save the Derzhprom/ State Industry Building and that’s why one of the symbols of Kharkiv is necessary to add to the list of monuments of national importance.

As announced the chief architect Mikhail Rabinovich, after this the Derzhprom can be assigned to a UNESCO protection.

According to him, such measures are necessary in order to draw the International Fund assistance on the restoration of the building which deals with monuments of the constructivism, reported the press service of KRSA.

“As a pearl of this architectural style, today the Derzhprom isn’t even a monument of national importance. Therefore, we are working on adding the building in the list. This will allow in the future to enlist it to a UNESCO heritage list what will give an opportunity to take part in major international grants,” said Mikhail Rabinovich.

He added that at the moment they are conducting negotiations with international investment funds to allocate funds for the preservation of cultural heritage including the Derzhprom.

The Derzhprom – is not the only object of cultural heritage which need to be enlisted in the State Register. Now the Department of Urban Development and Architecture prepares the relevant documents on the basis of the inventory of monuments in the region.

Reference. The State Industry House/ Derzhprom was built in the style of constructivism in the 20s of the last century. Today Derzhprom is an architectural monument and one of the sights of Kharkiv. After construction it was the highest in the USSR (on other data in Europe) skyscraper: the height is 63 meters and with the first TV tower set in 1955 – 108 meters.

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