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Kharkiv anarcha-feminists will hold a march


On Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14, representatives of the weaker sex are going to hold a march in the center of Kharkiv to demonstrate that they are not so weak as commonly cited in a patriarchal society and come out against gender-based discrimination.

The fight against patriarchy and its “values” – one of the most important conditions of the class struggle, wrote the girls on their page in social network.

“We believe that the woman question is directly linked to the state structure as exactly the state supports and encourages a hierarchy in a society that is equally projected onto the family institution causing the patriarchal values ​​that we do not consider constructive” ​​announced the feminists -anarchists.


In addition, according to feminists, Valentine’s Day put in people on a subconscious level clear gender attitudes and specific behaviors which have to comply both women and men and which lead to worsening of discriminatory practices and the strengthening of patriarchal values. “We call for the fight and the elimination of inequalities with joint forces!” noted activists.

The start of the march is scheduled at 14.00 at the exit of the metro station “Universitet”.

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