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Bloomberg: Ukraine is expected to raise its misery rating

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Ukraine may slightly improve its position in the Index of the Most Miserable Economies made by the agency Bloomberg. The ranking is based on the data from 63 countries on unemployment and inflation rates. At the moment Ukraine still enters the top five “most miserable” economies of the world.

In the ranking 2015 Bloomberg put Ukraine at the second place, thus, the Ukrainian economy was the worst one after Venezuela. According to the forecast, this year Ukraine’s misery index is expected to raise and the country will take the fifth place in the ranking.

The agency’s analysts predict that the second consecutive year Venezuela will remain to have the most miserable economies of the world. They explain this by the fall of oil prices which occupies 95% of the country’s exports.

Argentina will take the second place in 2016, Bloomberg said. It will switch places with Ukraine. The third line of the anti-ranking will be held by The Republic of South Africa, and the fourth place by Greece. Their places have not changed compared to the previous year. Then, the fifth placed Ukraine will be followed by Spain, Serbia, Turkey, Brazil and Kazakhstan.

Photo from www.cityam.com
Photo from www.cityam.com

Experts say that the things are going in the best way in the economies of the USA, Malaysia, Romania, the UK, Hong Kong, Denmark, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

The three leaders are expected to be Switzerland, Singapore and Thailand (the lowest poverty index).

Misery index calculations were compiled using the median estimates in Bloomberg economic surveys from the past three months. Figures for 2015 inflation and unemployment data reflect the average over the year and use the most current data available for each country.

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