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Quarantine in Kharkiv schools was extended

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This week educational process doesn’t resume in Kharkov schools as today, on February 2nd, the director of the Department of Education of the City Council Olga Demenko reported.

According to her, at the moment the morbidity statistics makes it impossible to resume the educational process, so the quarantine in schools will continue until further orders of the mayor.

According to the chief sanitary doctor of the city Irina Zubkova, the decrease of incidence of ARVI and influenza is observed in the city. Mostly adults and preschool children are going well, when children who study in schools showed the incidence rate increase.

“The number of cases of school children during the fourth week is higher than during the third one. Therefore, we made the decision not to allow pupils to go to schools yet. At the end of the week we will get together and decide on the resumption of the educational process next week,” said Irina Zubkova.

The experts are monitoring the situation with the incidence every day. For example, for February 1st in Kharkov 563 people came down with ARVI and influenza, 82 of them were children.

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