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How have Kharkiv real estate prices changed?

Photo from anbulvar.com.ua

The average price in UAH for two-bedroom apartments in Kharkiv decreased by 15% – from 840 800 UAH in July to 714 682 UAH in December. Three-bedroom apartments became slightly cheaper: if in July, the cost was 937 037 UAH, in December, such an apartment can be bought for 919 021 UAH.

However, one-bedroom apartments went up by 10%. In summer, such a living space can be bought at the average rate of 455,320 UAH. But at the end of the year the price has risen to 506 656 UAH.

The mentioned prices deal with “secondary market” according to the report of OLX portal.

Today, the minimum price of housing in the city is 6300 dollars (about 170 100 UAH ). The most expensive proposal is a five-room apartment with modern repairs and panoramic views of the historic center worth 650 000 dollars (about 18 million UAH).

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