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Kharkivens are required to wear masks in crowded places

Photo from armavir.ru

Obligatory wearing of medical masks in areas with high concentration of people was introduced today in Kharkiv, as the chief sanitary doctor of the city Irina Zubkova stated.

She noted that these measures were introduced during the intensive growth of the incidence of influenza and ARVI, which is observed today, so employees of institutions who are in contact with many people must wear the masks.

“Workers of the big supermarkets, shopping centers, cinemas, banks, social welfare and other institutions, where is a lot of people, should wear masks. Of course, we encourage Kharkivens to limit visits to crowded places or wear a mask during a visit to such places. It is also required to wear masks for employees of preschool educational institutions,” said Irina.

According to her, employees of kindergartens are obliged to wear masks when taking children and when parents take them home.

The staff of Health Inspection Services will monitor the observance of the mask mode in institutions and organizations, fix the violations, after which appropriate actions will be taken. Kharkivens also can fix violations and send the confirmation to the Sanitary Epidemiological Service.

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