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Kharkiv taxmen commented on the searches of the IT-company Promodo

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On January 27th, the employees of the Main Department of the State Fiscal Service (SFS) of Ukraine in Kharkiv region commented on the yesterday’s searches of the IT-company Promodo based in Kharkiv.

According to the First Deputy Head of SFS in the Kharkiv region Andrey Bezhanov, one of the Kharkiv enterprises, the company “Eastern distribution network” in 2013-2015 evaded taxes totaling 3.4 million UAH. According to the decision of the Kyiv District Court, the employees of investigative and operational departments had access to the all offices, which are located on the second floor of the office center (23rd Serpnya Street, 31b), where is the office of the mentioned IT-company Promodo.

According to him, the information that the searches were carried out with using weapons and causing damage to property of the IT-company, does not correspond to reality. All the activities were carried out under the current legislation with the presence of witnesses and the office owners.

Flaxengate.09608The list of objects that were allowed to confiscate: documents, computers, servers, and even flash drives. These actions were carried out by the court decision in connection with tax evasion. However, there was no Promodo at the list of companies to pass the checks.

“There is something strange. We suspect that the taxmen came to our neighbors, and it is not related with our company. But searches were held on the whole second floor, our documents were confiscated. Our lawyers are trying to figure out the reasons for the investigation,” the CEO of Promodo Alexander Kolb said.

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