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Kernes will consider the petition to put schools in quarantine

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The petition to the city council and to the mayor concerning the placement of educational institutions of Kharkiv region in quarantine scored required 5000 votes. The required number of votes were collected in just 4 days. Now, the petition will have to consider by the mayor and the executive committee.

“I propose to put the educational institutions of Kharkiv region in quarantine due to the flu epidemic. In Ukraine, 51 persons have already died from it. Hospitals are overcrowded, there is no place enough for treatment, doctors can not cope with the flow of patients. Where and how to be treated if a person fell with the flu?” wrote the author of the petition Julia Pryimachenko.

It should be noted that on January 20th the director of the Department of Education Olga Demenko said that there was no reason for the introduction of quarantine in schools and kindergartens of the city. According to her, the number of children who suffer from acute respiratory disease or influenza in Kharkiv, does not exceed 11%, what does not give any reason to close schools.

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