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In Kharkiv developed a self-propelled mortar on base of BTR-70


The State Enterprise “Kharkiv factory of special vehicles” developed a self-propelled 82 mm mortar on the base of BTR-70 (armored personnel carrier – APC), as reported Military Navigator.

The mortar was mounted on the BTR-70M1. This combat wheeled amphibious vehicle designed to transport personnel of motorized infantry units. But for the installation of mortar Kharkiv machine builders modernized BTR and, thus, increased its combat power.

123.png.pagespeed.ce.tiVtuAgOtHThe mortar was installed in the troop compartment of the machine. It is possible to fire from the APC and the ground. The mortar can be fully hidden into the troop compartment, and outwardly the machine looks indistinguishable from simple BTR.

Except the mortar on the BTR also installed KPVT heavy machine gun of caliber 14.5 mm and coaxial machine gun PKT (PK Tank) 7.62 mm caliber.

It is noted that this modification of BTR has already used the units of the National Guard of Ukraine.

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