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Unusual Theatre Festival will take place in Kharkiv

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From February 25 to March 2 fresh Theatre Festival “Me and Sela Bruk” will be held in Kharkiv. The press service of the City Council announced this.

According to organizers, the project gathers true theater leaders. They will present their works in a variety of forms: prompt displays, performances, actions and concerts. As well as last year, mandatory conditions are absence of “classical” theatrical scene, modern material and presentation duration less than an hour.

Goal: expansion of the existing urban cultural space.

In addition, the format of the festival includes workshops, master classes and open discussions of performances, where directors, playwrights and critics are invited.

Reference. Fresh Theatre Festival “Me and Sela Bruk” first took place in 2012, The author of the idea is the artistic director Kharkiv theater “Kotelok”, teacher of the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture Vladimir Gorislavets.

Theater groups can apply to participate here.

Where: Centre of Contemporary Art “YermilovCentre” (Freedom Square, 4)
When: The opening takes place on February 25
Price: Free
Telephone: 050-93-578-93

Photos from vk.com/selabruk
Photos from vk.com/selabruk

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