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Kharkiv border guards refused to let 32 Turkish tourists pass


Ukrainian border guards refused to let a group of 32 Turks pass who arrived on excursion to Kharkiv, announced the Honorary Consul of Turkey in Kharkiv Vladimir Beliy.

According to him, on January 14 at the International Airport “Kharkiv” flew on flight Istanbul – Kharkiv an organized group of 32 Turkish citizens. The Turks who arrived in Ukraine on this flight are employees of the mobile operator Turkcell. The three-day tour in Kharkiv was organized by their employer.

The border guards in the Kharkiv airport despite the visa-free regime between the two countries and legitimate opportunity by the Turks to be in Ukraine for 90 days in six months, refused to let the Turkey citizens pass without justifying the purpose of the visit, the financial viability and a person who must meet them.

Beliy stressed that the group of tourists had return air fares and hotel booking. They also had both cash and card bank accounts.

“However, they were demanded money for crossing the border. According to my information, three Turks even gave money and the rest started to complain to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy,” stated the Honorary Consul of Turkey in Kharkiv.

Only after intervention of Consul and Turkish diplomats the tourists were let pass. The tourists were in the Kharkiv airport for 17 hours. Turks were kept on the first floor of the airport in a small room without possibility to relax.

“All Turkish media wrote that there is no reason to come in Ukraine. It causes us great harm if we want to have Turkey as a friend. Two or three guards bring it to naught. The border guard is the face of the country, and border service shouldn’t set the country up,” said Beliy.

The consul said that because of the incident with Turkish tourists will conduct service check of border guards.

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