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The Head of Kharkiv police was accused of incompetence


In Kharkiv local lawyers accused the head of the city patrol police Olga Yuskevich of incompetence and ignorance of the law, as reported Korrespondent.

At a meeting with the head of the patrol police about the illegal detention of minor who was taken to the regional department in handcuffs, the lawyer of the family of the detainee Ivan Nevinniy, in a personal conversation with Yuskevich, accused her of ignorance of the laws and incompetence.

When the police chief was asked whether such detention is legal action towards a minor, Olga smiled and said that “it is a necessity” adding that she does not see any violations.

She also consulted with colleagues if attendees can take a picture of protocol. The police and advocacy bickered about the verification procedure of the incident.

This conversation Ivan Nevinniy captured on video and posted on YouTube. In the caption to the video he wrote:

“We were a second time on a personal reception with the Head of Kharkiv patrol police – Olga Yuskevich who recently headed the police and has two degrees, one of which – legal education! So, if she’s a lawyer – I am President of Ukraine! What we can say about her subordinates if they have such a head. My opinion is definite – the reform is a window dressing and nothing more!”

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