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“IDP business space” is opening in Kharkiv

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Under the project “IDP business space” each person who moved from area ATO may receive a grant for a free workplace for a half of year, as the media portal “Objective” reported.

Freelancers and business companies consisting of a maximum of four people could take part in the competition to obtain the grant. To do this, you must fill in a form in social networks and pass an interview.

Business space covers an area of ​​300 square meters, thus, more than 100 people can simultaneously work here. The business space divided into three areas: co-working, event, and education spaces.

“Co-working is a place of common activity where people can realize their business ideas, hold meetings and presentations. Also, we will assume event zone from 40 people visiting the area, and education space may be attended from 20 people,” said the head of the project Irina Tulyakova.

According to the organizers the main feature of the project is that it was created by the IDPs themselves. Architects, decorators and computer specialists, moved from the ATO area, at the time received grants to study or start a business, and now they are trying to create a space as comfortable as possible for others IDPs.

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