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Free IT-courses for IDPs opened in Ukraine by means of Japan

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The Ukrainian company GoIT, which specializes in IT postgraduate education, runs free courses on Front-end development for internally displaced persons (IDPs). The courses will start on February 1st. After four months, 240 persons will be able to get a job in the IT-sector, as the company promises.

The purpose of the program is to help Ukrainians, who left Crimea and the ATO area, to adapt to the new life conditions and learn high-paying profession.

Applications will be accepted until January 25th. To apply you need to have an IDP certificate, basic computer and English skills. Participants will be selected by the results of tests and interviews. Classes will be held three times per week for four months. In total, under the course it is planed to hold 120 hours.

It is also possible to study from anywhere in Ukraine. A stationary group will launch in Kharkiv and Zaporizhia but in other cities participants are welcome to attend courses online.

GoIT program is carried out in the framework of the United Nations support of IDPs and financed with help of the government of Japan.

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