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Marko Devich forgave “Metallist” 350 thousand dollars

Photo from dynamo.kiev.ua

The ex-forward of the Kharkiv FC “Metalist” Marko Devich forgave his former club the debt of 350 thousand dollars, according to the media portal Isport.

In accordance with the terms of the contract, FC “Metallist” had to pay Devich bonuses for the season 2013/2014 in total of $ 350 thousand, including $ 200 thousand for 20 points under “goal plus pass” system and $ 150 thousand for advancing to the Europa League.

“I understand that “Metalist”, the Kharkiv city and Ukraine in general, are in a difficult financial and economic situation. In this situation, I can not require the club to pay me these bonuses, I find it impossible to appeal to the FFU, UEFA or FIFA demanding the application of sanctions to the club,” said the ex-forward of “Metalist”.

“During the time spent in Kharkiv, “Metalist” became my mother, and now my heart is painted with yellow and blue colors. I will always remain a big fan of “Metalist” and I’m not able to cause any harm to the club. The club has done for me a lot of good, so I can not consider it as a debtor. In this regard, I decided to give up claims to the FC “Metallist” and forgive all the debts. Thus, I want to make a small contribution to the bright future of the club which has become my family,” Marko Devich wrote in his letter to the club.

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