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Kharkivens staged an action for cancer-strickens to regain their faith in beauty

Photo from http://civilforum.com.ua/

The organizers of the action for cancer-strickens, inspired by the example of the community “Henna Heals”, decided to support women who found themselves in a difficult situation, and gave them unforgettable emotions and a photo shoot.

They made a beautiful makeup and mehendi (henna painting), and then they staged for us a chic photo shoot – each girl had her own look. We forgot about our illness for the whole day! We joked and had fun, shared our stories, tips … It was great! I look forward to see the photos and, for sure, I’ll hang them on the wall,” a 26-year-old participant of the action Irina Maleeva shared her impressions.


Darya Porunova, a makeup and mehendi master, is familiar with a subject of cancer. When she was 12 years old, her mother died from this terrible disease. “I always remember her beautiful smile, believing that she would recover. Although the disease takes away many things from a woman, first of all, it is her femininity. I really wanted to return them the faith in their beauty, femininity and attractiveness”, Dasha smiles.

Organizers emphasize that the main goal of the action was to distract the girls, support them, and show how they are beautiful despite all the hardships of the treatment.


The activists noted that there is totally different attitude towards people who have been diagnosed with cancer in our country, as many people fear to pick up this disease just by having a talk. The participants of the project told us, while returning home after clinical chemistry no one sat down near them in public transport.

“Most likely, such campaigns are a new format for Kharkiv, and, perhaps, for Ukraine in general. Therefore, we sincerely hope that as time goes, such actions will become more and more popular in our society and more women will be able to regain confidence in themselves and spread the wings again after this serious illness” the organizer of the action, Olga Skorik, said.

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