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What is the fate of unsold Kharkiv New Year trees?

Photo from http://zoo.kharkov.ua/

From 20 thousand pines and spruces, which were selling before the New Year in Kharkiv, about 60% hadn’t decorate the residents’ homes.

During the first day of the new year employees of public utilities have taken out about 3,000 unsold trees from one of the biggest bazaars in the city, Konnyy Rynok.

The trees near Konnyy Rynok

“This is more than a half of the volume being brought there,” told us Fazil Abbasov, the director of “The complex of domestic waste removal“.

In total, 171 New Year bazaars were opened before the holidays in Kharkiv region, and the company concluded an agreement on the removal of unsold trees with each of them.

“I would like to address entrepreneurs because in the future the situation could repeat itself. According to my calculations, they have suffered losses amounting to about a million hryvnias. It includes the trees purchase, transport and payments to distributors,” said Fazil Abbasov.

According to him, the company’s employees have taken out all the trees on January 1st. After they brought all the trees to the Kharkiv zoo, as fresh pine branches traditionally go to feed animals: elephants, camels, and ungulates. In addition, the conifers will be grind up to become the bedding material for animals.


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